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We have a really nice section on Homeschooling; it’s divided into 3 sections actually:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Homeschooling Requirements                     Homeschooling Requirements
  3. Homeschooling a Preschooler

Now, on to other items and news stories:


Visit Teen Concerns: Teen Drinking, Teen Obesity or Teen Pregnancy.  We have all 3 of these teen-related categories, plus a few others – such as Restful Sleep and Peer Bullying.  Then too, there’s a category on Alternative Medicine – in case your teen is “into herbs” …

If anyone in the family is interested in nutritional healing, we have a big category with articles on that, as well.   And we have MEAL PREP (a large category), and also a nice section

on HEALTHY EATING GUIDES (healthy eating on a budget, healthy eating on vacation and in airports, healthy eating at college, Childrens Nutrition guide, healthy eating during

pregnancy, Heart healthy herbs, and more.  It’s a pretty good read.


Teen Issues:  At HealthyKids We Cover a Vast Array of Topics

Children of Teenage Parents
*Note – as well as this post on Teens and Drinking, there are several articles regarding TEEN OBESITY and Teen Pregnancy – the teen pregnancy articles will often come under the heading of “children of teenage parents” — SEE RELATED ARTICLE


Infant Health and Communication

Baby SLEEP Habits – We have several posts on baby communication ( ) and several on Baby Illness.  Baby sleeping habits is explored.

We have a Resource List for teen parents HERE:

ALSO: our HealthyKids site publishes some posts on Autistic Toddler

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I want you to read this healthy nutrition postHealthy Kids: Healthy Eating Tips and Nutrition Videos if you have obese kids, or children who would like to lose some of their baby fat.  The hints included herein really will help children to take more of an interest in their own health – and through certain activities, such as gardening, exercise outdoors, and learning to cook, each of your children can improve their overall health.  Plus, if you can get your daughter or son interested in learning to cook a few meals, it will be of great benefit when it comes time to leave the nest. These are healthy habits which your son or daughter will carry with them always !

Kids Lifestyle Choices: Healthy Eating Guides, Kids Workout, Healthy Nutrition Tips, Nutritional Healing, Meal Prep, Kids Vitamins, Alternative Medicine and Restful Sleep

Healthy Kids Lifestyle Choices: Healthy Eating Guides, Kids Workout, Healthy Nutrition Tips, Nutritional Healing, Meal Prep, Kids Vitamins, Alternative Medicine and Restful Sleep

In case you haven’t picked up on this, I do care about teens and kids – as an ex-driving instructor, I have spent a bit of time with teenagers (I really enjoyed my time teaching) – anyway I want to let you know that my HealthyKids site is pretty comprehensive – it has various sections on Exercise, Hobbies, Meal Prep, Teen Concerns (teen drinking, teen pregnancy, peer bullying in school, diet), Kids Lifestyle (martial arts, scrapbooking, holiday travel), Infant Health, Alternative Medicine, Parenting Tips, Kids Vitamins, Kids Sleep, Maternity Health, Homeschooling, Nutritional Healing (Healthy Eating Guides) and Autism.

Additionally, here’s a HealthyKids youtube video with an overview of changes you can make to help your child lose a bit of weight.  They’ll thank you for it.  


Healthy Kids Video 

Bear in mind that you can do things with your kids – to help them get outdoors a bit & gain some exercise/fresh air, you can plan a little excursion – do some hiking together, or go to the gym together.  Maybe swim a few LAPS in the pool …

Speaking of aerobic exercise, maybe the two of you (your child & yourself) could go to Yoga classes together !  For more HealthyKids information, just visit this link

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