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We have a really nice section on Homeschooling; it’s divided into 3 sections actually:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Homeschooling Requirements                     Homeschooling Requirements
  3. Homeschooling a Preschooler

Now, on to other items and news stories:


Visit Teen Concerns: Teen Drinking, Teen Obesity or Teen Pregnancy.  We have all 3 of these teen-related categories, plus a few others – such as Restful Sleep and Peer Bullying.  Then too, there’s a category on Alternative Medicine – in case your teen is “into herbs” …

If anyone in the family is interested in nutritional healing, we have a big category with articles on that, as well.   And we have MEAL PREP (a large category), and also a nice section

on HEALTHY EATING GUIDES (healthy eating on a budget, healthy eating on vacation and in airports, healthy eating at college, Childrens Nutrition guide, healthy eating during

pregnancy, Heart healthy herbs, and more.  It’s a pretty good read.


Teen Issues:  At HealthyKids We Cover a Vast Array of Topics

Children of Teenage Parents
*Note – as well as this post on Teens and Drinking, there are several articles regarding TEEN OBESITY and Teen Pregnancy – the teen pregnancy articles will often come under the heading of “children of teenage parents” — SEE RELATED ARTICLE


Infant Health and Communication

Baby SLEEP Habits – We have several posts on baby communication ( ) and several on Baby Illness.  Baby sleeping habits is explored.

We have a Resource List for teen parents HERE:


ALSO: our HealthyKids site publishes some posts on Autistic Toddler

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